November 2

Authors That Have Impacted Me

November 2, 2014

Over the last year or so, I have had the opportunity to meet several authors at various events that I have attended.  As is the case anywhere you go, you encounter a wide variety of personalities and public approaches. Fortunately, I have had some positive encounters that have created a lasting impression on me, and some that have even changed my way of thinking about my writing. I have had several great interactions, but I’m going to highlight those that have stayed with me. Feel free to click on an author’s name to check out their individual websites.

Joelle Charbonneau

I was unbelievably fortunate to have met Joelle during my book club gathering over a year ago. She grew up with a coworker of mine, and was gracious enough to join us to discuss her book The Testing. At the time, I confessed that I had thought about writing a novel. She suggested the 100 words for 100 days challenge. Although I initially turned her down, she proposed the offer again a few months later, and this time I took her up on it. It may sound cheesy, but the challenge was life changing for me. I learned so much about myself and about the writing process that I cannot even begin to put into words how grateful I am for having had the experience. It made me realize I really could write a novel! If you haven’t yet read her Testing trilogy, you must ask for the boxed set for the holidays! You don’t want to miss out on this! And……let me know if you ever want to do a 100 day writing challenge yourself!

James Klise

As much as Joelle encouraged me to embark on my journey of writing, James instilled in me the beauty of the revision process. A simple meeting while getting an autograph remains with me each and every time I work on revisions. Revising has been a long process for me, but thanks to James, I view it far more positively than in the past. I will also remember James for the interest he took in me and my writing. He struck me as a “good guy”. If you missed my review of The Art of Secrets, you can find it here.

Adele Griffin

First, let me just say that Adele is a friendly, thoughtful author that is a delight to be around (are you noticing the trend that I like nice, friendly, encouraging authors?). My non-trivia buddy and I spent some quality time together while playing some “bookish” games with teens at a conference. Adele had a way of connecting with this population that I truly admire. She showed genuine interest and appreciation for everyone sitting at our table, and she spent the time finding out what types of novels they enjoy reading and why. After my time with her, I immediately bought a book for her to sign. I loved Tighter (click here for review), and I cannot wait to read more of her writing!

Renee Rosen

Renee is another friendly, inspiring, encouraging author (I know….you are so surprised to hear me say that!). What has stayed with me about Renee is both her passion for writing as well as the way she approaches her writing. As someone who is cautious, I appreciated how she continued at her job until she had saved enough money to write full time. She had the passion and drive to be a novelist, and she did everything she needed to do in order to make her dream a reality. Renee also researches her subjects so thoroughly that I would consider her an expert in the field of whatever she chooses to write about in her novels. Dollface is one of my all time favorite novels in the historical fiction genre, and you must read it if you haven’t already! Her new novel What the Lady Wants is being released this Tuesday, and I cannot wait to get my hands on it!!!!

Trent Reedy

For those of you who have had read my review of Words in the Dust (click here for review), you already know how much Trent touched me on an emotional level. I am always appreciative of people who just know how to be themselves, down-to-earth and in touch with who they are as a person. Trent shares more of his personal history than most public figures, but it is that history that makes him the unique voice in young adult literature that he is. A great guy with a great heart! I will be reading If You’re Reading This soon!


What authors have had an impact on you and what was that impact?

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  1. By Martie Salemi on

    Loved this blog. I did read Dollface and loved it. Glad she has a new book coming out. Love to read your blog!

    1. By (Post author) on

      Thanks, Martie! Dollface is one of my favorites, too! I can’t wait to hear what you think of What the Lady Wants!

  2. By Holly on

    Joelle Charbonneau left a similar impression with my friend that is a librarian. It looks like you have some great motivators!

    1. By (Post author) on

      I can imagine that Joelle has left many people with such an impression! I’m glad other people have been lucky enough to have had similar positive experiences!


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