November 19

Have You Heard of Sarah Hale?

November 19, 2014

Every holiday, I pull some themed books from our school library to share with my students to expose them to different cultures and traditions as well as to build language and vocabulary skills. For Thanksgiving, I came across a book that was new to me – Thank You Sarah: The Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving. After reading this children’s picture book, I feel as if I should have been familiar with Sarah Hale previously, but I just wasn’t.

Initially I thought this was going to be a humorous book, but it ended up being an inspiring book about resilience and never giving up on what you believe in. The kids loved it, and loved learning extra tidbits about Sarah afterwards.

Here are some fun facts that I learned about Sarah:

** Well, she saved Thanksgiving (but I think that is a given based on the title of the book :) )

** She was a widowed mother who raised 5 children on her own

** She was a strong advocate for causes such as slavery, education for all children, and historical monuments

** She wrote poetry, children’s books, novels, and biographies

** She wrote the infamous “Mary Had a Little Lamb”

** She was the editor of the first women’s magazine “Ladies’ Magazine”

Such a powerful female historical figure, and I had never even heard of her! How is that possible? Sarah advanced women’s rights in a way that she was probably never fully aware of. She worked almost until her death at age 90! I will be seeking out a biography of this amazing woman soon!

What other powerful female historical figures are you aware of that most of the general population is not?

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