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Gifts for Book Lovers

December 1, 2014

It is now officially the holiday season, and gift-buying is in high gear. What kind of book blogger would I be if I did not offer some gift ideas for the book lovers in your life? I will offer specific book suggestions in another post, but today I will give you ideas for some “bookish” accessories. As many of you know, I am not a fan of “recreating the wheel” so I am also going to share some awesome resources that I’ve come across in the last couple of weeks as well.

The blog post that generated a ton of enthusiasm for bookish gifts for myself comes from The Book Addict’s Guide. Brittany provided FABULOUS ideas for book-themed candles, posters, totes, mugs, bookmarks, and T-shirts. With the links she provided, I drooled over all of the potential gift choices.

Since I’ve received a great deal of flak over my lack of Harry Potter familiarity, I know this link from Buzz Feed Books will keep all of my Harry Potter fans happy. Included you will find sources for adorable Harry Potter stockings, ornaments, pillow covers, cards, gift tags, and wreaths. Definitely check this site out if you know someone who has read the series multiple times!

My friend Karen sent me this awesome resource for Litographs. I absolutely LOVE the adorable T-shirts and totes that are themed around your favorite books (they also have posters and tattoos). The items are covered with text from the selected novel, and they contain images to represent the story. I am so hoping to score one of these gems this holiday season (hint, hint family :) ).

I also was cruising around Etsy (there is no other place to find cuter crafty items!), and I found the ability to order a customized, hand-stamped bookmark with your choice of quote. I totally love the idea, but I think it might be tricky to come up with a quote to meet the letter limitations imposed. You could get lost in Etsy for hours browsing the available book-loving choices in ornaments, bookmarks, bookends, book shelves, etc.

What are your favorite go-to resources for gift shopping for book lovers? What would you like to receive as a gift this holiday season?

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  1. By Christie on

    There’s a really fun infinity scarf with writings from Jane Eyre, Alice & Wonderland and Wuthering Heights. I bought a few for my book-living cousins!

    1. By (Post author) on

      Ooooooo…..I love that one!!!! I need to get more info from you on this!!!!!


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