December 8

Holiday Gift Recommendations – Fiction

December 8, 2014

Seriously….how do I possibly narrow down fiction selections for you to create a manageable list to investigate? Instead, I will just list my favorite authors that never disappoint as well as some of their books that I have loved. If you are looking for more suggestions in this category, then let me know in the comments section what you are looking for, and I am happy to give additional recommendations!

Khaled Hosseini

Hosseini writes intense fiction that will stay with you for a long time after you have finished. I don’t think he is capable of bad writing. His childhood in Afghanistan has given him the background to set his novels against the backdrop of the country, giving his readers such a rich experience of the land and culture. I’ve read all three books, and I love them all, but The Kite Runner is my favorite.

Barbara Kingsolver

Who doesn’t love Barbara Kingsolver? I have only read a few of her books, and there are so many more on my TBR list that I need to get to. The Bean Trees and The Poisonwood Bible have been my favorites so far! Beautiful writing, unique stories, well developed characters – all things I love in a good novel. I have not yet read her nonfiction so I won’t comment on that here, but I would anticipate good things in that genre as well!

Garth Stein

I had my doubts when The Art of Racing in the Rain was selected for my book club, but I LOVED it! I quickly followed up with Raven Stole the Moon and How Evan Broke His Head and Other Secrets, both of which I loved. I think Stein has such a unique way of portraying common, everyday occurrences. I love his style, and I will read anything he writes. I can’t wait to pick up his most recent release A Sudden Light. Stein’s books are easy to read and highly enjoyable!

Gillian Flynn

Boy is Gillian Flynn a dark writer! Her books are engrossing, and they will keep you up late at night trying to finish. I have read both Sharp Objects and Gone Girl, and I obviously loved them both. All of the authors I have featured have their own unique style, but Flynn is in a class all of her own! She is a local Chicago author, and I have to admit that I’d be afraid to run into her in a dark alley :) .

I feel like I could go on forever, but I will leave it here for now. Please don’t hesitate to ask for more recommendations if you need them though!

Who are your go-to authors that you never miss out on (as I’m sure I’ve missed some obvious choices in this brief post)?

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  1. By Quanie Miller on

    I’m with you on Gillian Flynn! I’ve read all her books and really enjoyed them (although, I was hoping for a different ending for Dark Places, but that’s another story). And I read Kite Runner in college but haven’t read any of Hosseini’s other books. Thanks for sharing!

    1. By (Post author) on

      Quanie – you definitely need to check out more Hosseini! Some authors are just amazing, and he is one of them! Dark Places is the one Gillian Flynn novel I have not yet read….hopefully soon!


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