December 10

Gift Recommendations – Young Adult

December 10, 2014

Following the Anderson’s Young Adult Literature Conference in September, I have significantly increased my reading of young adult literature, and I’m loving it!! As with my fiction post the other day, it is too difficult to pick just a few books to recommend, so instead I will share authors that I have fallen in love with and would like you to have the chance to experience.

Trent Reedy


I think Reedy is a truly unique voice in the young adult field. His service as part of the Iowa National Guard in Afghanistan has given him a perspective to his writing that very few authors can offer. In addition, he is able to connect with younger readers in a way that many authors are not capable of achieving. You can check out my review of Words in the Dust for a more detailed review.

Adele Griffin

What I love about Griffin is that she takes the time to find out what her audience likes to read about, and then she writes about their interests. She is very tuned in to the young adult population, and her writing is strong. I loved her book Tighter, and I look forward to reading more of her books shortly!

Joelle Charbonneau

If you love dystopian fiction, then Charbonneau should be on your radar. I think The Testing trilogy is her best writing yet (and her first foray into YA literature)! She has really matured as a writer over the years, and I will definitely be reading her new book N.E.E.D. coming out in 2015.

James Klise

james klise

Klise is a local Chicago author and a genuinely good guy. If you have writing aspirations, this is the man who will inspire you to keep moving forward. I enjoyed his mystery The Art of Secrets, and I soon hope to read Love Drugged.

Which young adult authors do you make sure to follow?

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