December 23

Book Review – Notes to Boys by Pamela Ribon

December 23, 2014

NOTES TO BOYS (AND OTHER THINGS I SHOULDN’T SHARE IN PUBLIC) is a “mortifying memoir” from best-selling author and tv/film writer Pamela Ribon. Miserably trapped in small town Texas with no invention of the Internet in sight, Ribon spent countless hours of her high school years writing letters to her (often unrequited) crushes. The big question is why she always kept a copy for herself. Wince along with Ribon as she tries to understand exactly how she ever thought she’d win a boy’s heart by writing him a letter that began: “Share with me your soul,” and ends with some remarkably awkward erotica. You’ll come for the incredibly bad poetry, but you’ll stay for the incredibly bad poetry about racism.

I happened to come across Notes to Boys at the library and thought it would be worth a shot. As someone who has her own history of writing horribly awkward letters to unrequited crushes, I thought I might be able to identify with this one. Hopefully, there remains no evidence of some of the horribly embarrassing letters I wrote back in the day :).

I love that Ribon is able to poke fun at some of the most personal moments from her life. Although filled with angst at the time, she is able to look back and laugh at some of her more embarrassing moments in a way that we can all identify with. There will be moments when you blush at her use of “awkwardica” (which I thought was a great term she coined – go copyright that one, Pamela!), cringe with embarrassment for her, and laugh out loud at the absurdity of some of the situations (and the sarcasm with which Ribon uses to describe them).

This is a quick, fun read for anyone who wants to relive some of the rom-com days of their youth!

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