January 6

Top Ten Tuesday: 2015 Debut Novels I Can’t Wait to Read

January 6, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and The Bookish is one of my favorite features to check out on other blogs. I always get great reading suggestions, and you get such a feel for people based on the books they choose every week (for the most part – some people have interests all over the place like I do). As time goes on, I am hoping to participate in this more often! This week is all about debut novels. It is kind of exciting to read new authors, hoping for their books to be good, and hoping to help them succeed at what they love….writing! I hope someday all of you will be reading my debut novel! I hope you find something to interest you below (click on the book link to read the Goodreads summary). There were countless lists available for YA Debuts, but it was hard to track down the Adult Debuts.

Young Adult Debut Novels I Want to Read

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

This book has been getting a TON of chatter on the blogosphere, and today is the official release day! Also, Jennifer Niven seems so wonderful on Twitter….truly excited for what is happening in her life right now. I put my name on the Hold List at the Palatine Library, and I was first in line. I thought they would have already contacted me to pick it up, but one of the staff members must have snagged it first! I can’t wait to get to this one! It’s already been optioned as a movie!


The Conspiracy of Us by Maggie Hall

This book, being released next Tuesday, January 13th is also getting loads of talk out in the blog world. This is being touted as the YA version of The Da Vinci Code, and I totally LOVED the Da Vinci Code and was obsessed with it for months after I read it! I hope I love it as much as I think I will!



Shutter by Courtney Alameda

Shutter is a paranormal thriller, and I am wanting to try out that genre just a little more this year (I’m not quite sure how I feel about it yet). Since this one has gotten strong reviews on Goodreads, I thought it would be great to try out the genre and show support of a new author! And…..how creepy is this cover! Release date is February 3, 2015.



Made Up You by Francesca Zappia

I love the cover of this novel as well – the colors are just so striking to me! I have always been fascinated with stories of mental illness, and this story focuses on a girl struggling with schizophrenia and distinguishing reality versus delusion. This sounds right up my alley! I have to wait all the way until the May 19th debut to find out how much I love it!



My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga

The story of a girl who is contemplating suicide, seeking help from an online site to do so. I know too many people whose lives have been touched by suicide, and it just breaks my heart. I’m hoping that as more awareness is brought to the issue, the more resources and support will be available to those who struggle with suicidal thoughts. I’m sure it will take more than just one YA fiction novel, but if it speaks to even one person, that is a success! Release date is February 10, 2015.


Adult Debut Novels

Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

A psychological thriller that has been compared to Gone Girl and Before I Go to Sleep…..both novels I loved! I’ve heard some people think it’s scary, and I think I could use a good “scary” book! I might need to make sure Craig is in town when I read this one though :) . This one is also coming out next Tuesday, January 13th.



The Book of Memory by Petina Gappah

Gappah is a Zimbabwean author who received strong praise for her first story collection An Elegy for Easterly. Book of Memory is her first novel about a woman who is convicted of murdering her adoptive father, facing death for her crime. This book will be released on April 4th.




The Dirty Dust by Mairtin O’ Cadhain

Although this is not technically a debut novel, it has been a long-time-in-waiting for the English translation. The story is written exclusively in dialogue from corpses lying in their graves. Ummmmm….how crazy is that premise? The bodies discuss the gossip of a local Irish town. It has been widely recognized, and I am totally intrigued with the concept. Release date is March 24, 2015.



Where Did You Sleep Last Night by Lynn Crosbie

I saw this book on another TTT list today, and I knew it had to be on my list. A girl who encounters a boy whose body has been taken over by the spirit of Kurt Cobain. Seriously? I think a murder occurs at some point, but I cannot move past the Kurt Cobain aspect to take in more of the plot. I have to wait until May 16th to find out more about this gem!



Muse by Jonathan Galassi

As an aspiring author, I am intrigued with this novel about the inner workings of the literary world. It’s being promoted as a book that writers and readers alike will love. I am looking forward to this, and hoping it might teach me a tidbit or two about the publishing world. Release date is June 2nd.



What novels are you looking forward to reading this year (even those that aren’t debuts – I have quite a few of those on my list!)? 

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