January 20

Top 10 Things I’d Like to Accomplish with My Blog

January 20, 2015

It’s time again for Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. I love this feature! It’s kind of fun looking forward to what each week’s topic is, and seeing how other bloggers respond. This week’s Top 10 is a freebie, and I can imagine there will be a ton of different posts out there today! I’ve decided to focus on the 10 things I want to figure out and accomplish with my blog. There is still so much to learn, and there are so many things that I’m struggling with. Here’s what I will be getting done though:

1. Add social media buttons to the home page. I actually think this one will be pretty easy, I just need to sit down and do it! I need people to have easier ways to follow my blog.

2. Join in on a twitter chat hosted by a book blog. This seems like it should be easy, but I’m not quite sure how to do it. My school is trying a staff one some morning, and I might try it out just for the practice.

3. Figure out how to get the Goodreads and Google Maps widgets to work on my 2015 Challenges page. Seriously, this one is making me crazy because I feel like I’m doing it right, but it’s just not working. I think I need to tap into one of my more computer savvy friends who will figure it out lickety-split I’m sure!

4. Get my monthly feature up and running. I’m really excited about my plans for a new feature (I’m leaning towards the name Book Club Blowout…more coming soon!), but I’m just trying to figure out the best day to do it!

5. Start cross-posting reviews for a greater audience. I’ve had authors request that I place reviews on Amazon and Goodreads as well so that more people see the review. I’ve started to slowly do this, but I want to be more consistent.

6. Join a writing group. I want to share more about my writing journey so that I’m inspired to work on that a little more, and I think joining a writing group will hold me more accountable.

7. Learn more about pictures and graphics. My knowledge here is VERY limited, and I need to learn more STAT. I did come across a great resource over the weekend to help with many aspects of blogging, and I’m hoping to get through all of the resources soon. including those on photo editing.

8. Join in on a blog tour. They are going on all of the time, I just need to find out more about them, and how to join in. The resource mentioned above also has tips for this.

9. Investigate Netgalley and other options for requesting an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC). I think it would be so awesome to get to read a book and write a review before the book has been released to the public. It’s not easy, and I don’t have the stats yet to pull it off, but maybe some day :) .

10. Continue to develop a system for tracking information from books that I’ve read. I did develop an Excel spreadsheet for the basics (this will help with end-of-the-year surveys), but it’s not quite working for me yet. I also want to find a system for tracking my favorite quotes that I discover in reading.

Any other things you’ve noticed that I can improve upon with the blog (I’m truly always open to feedback)? What are your blogging goals?

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  1. By Leah @ Books Speak Volumes on

    Good luck with your goals! I have a few tips:

    5. When cross-posting to Goodreads, just post part of your review and leave a link to read the full review on your blog; this will help increase traffic to your site. I don’t bother cross-posting to Amazon (unless it has been requested) because you can’t use HTML to link back to your blog.

    7. Picmonkey is a great free site to use for creating graphics.

    8. I would recommend TLC Blog Tours; I used to do a lot of tours with them and always had great experiences with Trish and Lisa. Just fill out an application on their website, and they’ll get in touch!

    9. Edelwiess (edelweiss.abovethetreeline.com) is also great for digital review copies and discovering upcoming releases.

    10. I shared my reading spreadsheet on my blog (booksspeakvolumes.com) a few weeks ago, if you want to check it out.

    1. By cubbieblue26@gmail.com (Post author) on

      This is awesome info Leah!!!!! I so appreciate you taking the time to give me suggestions!!!!! You’re the best!!!!


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