January 31

January 2015 Wrap Up: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

January 31, 2015

So……I have to be honest. My January was far from the best month of my life. My motto for the week….January was junk, but February will be fabulous (thanks to my mom for helping me out with part of that one)! Even though, the

This has been my month!

month wasn’t stellar, there were still some great highlights. Here are the good, the bad, and the ugly for the month:


  • I had a couple of days off of work due to the cold, and it was so awesome to catch up on reading, writing, and blogging. That job thing just gets in the way sometimes :) (seriously though….I’m truly lucky because I enjoy my job, and I adore the people I work with)!
  • My boyfriend of 9 years unexpectedly moved out. Even though it rocked my world, and I still have moments of sadness, I cannot even begin to express how grateful I am for all of the amazing family and friends I have in my life. Even during this difficult time, my heart has been so touched by all of the love and support!
  • My car was dead, dead, dead the day after the BF moved out (and the day after that). I was so excited it didn’t cost me anything to repair (thanks Dad), only to have a $1508 car repair bill a week and a half later (also unexpected….and also not great timing since the BF moved out).
  • I’ve had some minor health issues (I’ll spare you the details), but the good news is that nothing is extreme in the least….just more of a hassle to deal with until it is resolved.
  • The best part of my month has been the time spent with family and friends. I’ve made it to 2 of my nephew’s hockey lessons which is so fun for me (as is the opportunity to hang out and lunch with my brother, sister-in-law, and niece). I’ve had some fun happy hours and dinners with friends that have really boosted my spirits. For the last day of the month, I have family in town from Michigan, and I’m looking forward to heading out and spending time with everyone!


  • I was able to read 7 (and more than half of 2 more) whole books this month! This is outstanding for me! 
  • My favorite read of the month: All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven (review coming soon). This has made my list of all time favorite books and I cannot say enough good things about it. Get out there and read it people!!!!!
  • I didn’t dislike any of the books I read, but I will admit that Anna and the French Kiss did not quite live up to all of the hype I had read about it (for me….I recognize that some people adore this book, and I can respect that).
  • My most viewed post of the month was Breaking Up Is Hard To Do…. Or Is It? I can’t thank you all enough for the love and support! 
  • My favorite post of the month is this one! It’s fun to go back and think about the highlights of the month and sum it up!


  • Favorite Movie: Those of you who know me know that I’m not great at keeping up on movies. If you mention a movie, odds are I have not seen it. The first weekend of the month though, I was able to catch Unbroken in the theater! The movie is just as good as the book. Powerful. Unsettling. Inspiring. Definitely go see it!

  • Favorite Gift: I received a beautiful Alex and Ani Path of Life bangle bracelet from a good friend of mine that helps me to remember my strength and to remain on course no matter what. I have fallen in love with Alex and Ani, and I envision far more products of theirs in my life!


  • Favorite Blog of the Month: I am now following numerous blogs – some I really enjoy and look forward to the posts for. Currently I love The Perpetual Page Turner. Jamie is so down to earth and real (which you know I love as a quality in people), and I love her honesty! She often makes herself vulnerable, and I find myself identifying with her a great deal of the time. I also love her “Review on a Post-It” component of her book reviews. She has an excellent blog, and I highly recommend you check it out!

Even though it’s been a rough month, there is so much I am grateful for, and I am so looking forward to February!

What was your favorite part of January? 

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