February 10

Book Review – The Man I Love by Suanne Laqueur

February 10, 2015

From Goodreads.com:
From author Suanne Laqueur comes an astonishing debut novel: a young man’s emotional journey to salvage relationships destroyed in the wake of a school shooting.

As a college freshman, Erik Fiskare is drawn to the world of theater but prefers backstage to center stage. The moment he locks eyes with a beautiful, accomplished dancer named Daisy Bianco, his atoms rearrange themselves and he is drawn into a passionate and soulful love story. But when a disturbed friend brings a gun into the theater and opens fire, the story is forever changed.

Spanning fifteen years, The Man I Love explores themes of love and sexuality, trauma–physical and mental–and its long-lasting effects, the burden of unfinished business and the power of reconciliation. Through Erik’s experience we reflect on what it means to be a man, a son and a leader. A soul mate, a partner and a lover. What it means to live the truth of who you are and what you feel. What it means to fight for what you love.

I had not heard of this book until I was lucky enough to win a copy of it from the author, and I’m so glad I did! Although I had to pause midway through the book immediately following the break up of a long term relationship (look at that title…..it was just too ironic at the time to keep reading), I was able to quickly jump back into it a couple of weeks later.


  • My favorite part of this book was the writing. Laqueur is an amazingly beautiful writer! Her images, her descriptions, the way she creates a scene with such a lasting mental image! I seriously cannot wait to read more of her writing!
  • This book is far from predictable (granted I did not read a description of the plot before I read it….that may have changed this a little for me but not much). I was caught off guard by some of the twists and turns, but in a good way.
  • Laqueur tackles the issue of trauma head on. Once you read this book, it is easier to imagine what people endure following a very significant tragedy. The effects go even deeper than most people would guess.
  • This book evokes a range of emotions. At times, you will feel as if you have been on a roller coaster with the highs and lows. Laqueur does such an amazing job of taking you exactly where she wants you to be through her writing.
  • The characters are all so well developed. You will either love or love-to-hate each character (and believe me there are some characters you will hate).
  • I loved that the majority of the book took place in a theater with a strong focus on dance. Although I was never a dancer, reading the book brought me back to some memories of my high school theater days! It was a unique setting for a novel, and I was so drawn into it.
  • I’ve heard a great deal of chatter in the book blogging world about the relatively new category of “new adult” fiction. I think this book is an excellent sample of what is available in this genre.

one itty bitty small drawback initially that made so much more sense by the end of the novel

  • Initially I was a little put off by the descriptive, intensely intimate sex scenes. However, by the end of the novel, so many pieces fall into place that make all of those descriptions integral to the plot. Don’t let the sex deter you if that is something that tends to put you off!

Overall, I enjoyed this book even more than I anticipated. I am eager for Laqueur to release something new, and I’ll make sure to grab a copy as soon as it comes out! If you are looking for a well written book that will draw you in emotionally, this is definitely a read for you!

Have you had the opportunity to read The Man I Love? Does it sound like something you would be interested in? How do you feel about books that deal with intense tragedy?

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  1. By Hayling on

    I absolutely loved this book, I’ve read it twice. The gorgeous writing and the emotional connection to every. single. character really set it apart from other “romance” novels out there. In fact I’m still trying to figure out what genre this would really fall into. It was so smart and so fearless. It wasn’t afraid of anything – not afraid of feeling, not afraid of sex, not afraid of the darker aspects of life. And it was like Diane tried to teach Erik: when you allow yourself to lean into the pain, the joy becomes sweeter. The sweet moments of this book were so incredibly sweet. I cannot wait to read what Suanne is writing next.

    1. By cubbieblue26@gmail.com (Post author) on

      I so agree Hayling! I love how you said it wasn’t afraid of anything – what a great way to put it! I just so loved the writing!


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