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Let’s Talk TV

March 7, 2015

Many of you might not realize that I love TV almost as much as I love books. Over the last few years, I have actually done a good job at cutting back on the number of shows on series record on my DVR. I had gotten to the point where I was getting stressed out by DVR space because I had such a back log of shows. I now give new shows 1 episode to draw me in (sometimes even less than a show). If something doesn’t grab me right away, I’m letting it go so I can focus my energy on other things. I’ve also gotten better at letting shows go if they no longer hold the same level of interest for me that they did initially (this category is heavy with some long time reality TV series).

So, what’s on my series record you ask? I currently have 24, Castle (this one does come and go), Criminal Minds (I seriously never get tired of this one), Murder in the First, Revenge, Rizzoli and Isles, Royal Pains, Scandal, Secrets and Lies (this just started last week and it drew me in right away), The Blacklist (I’m debating taking this one off), The Following (this manages to creep me out all the time), The Glades, The Good Wife, The Real Housewives of Orange County (it’s the reality series I just can’t give up), and White Collar. As you can see, I really do enjoy crime/thriller/police type shows.

I’m sure you’ve noticed so many things missing from my list that should be there. I do not have any movie channels, and I do not subscribe to Netflix (but I am currently debating that). I am hearing more and more from people who are binge watching certain series, and I think I want to get in on the trend. Next week, I am going to be laid up for a couple of days, and I figured what better time to start. I’m leaning towards Orange is the New Black or Breaking Bad, but I am totally wanting your input!

What show would you recommend I start to binge watch?

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Posted March 8, 2015 by Lisa @ Reading, Writing, and Random Musings in category "TV series binge watching


  1. By Juile Coon on

    Justified is just about to do a series finale… go rent season one or find it online. GREAT writing, characters, and it fits your love of crime dramas too! Also on FX, the Americans. I love love love it– but again, you need to watch from season one.

  2. By Leah @ Books Speak Volumes on

    Orange is the New Black and Breaking Bad are both excellent and binge-worthy! However, the beginning of Breaking Bad is super depressing; I couldn’t watch more than an episode at a time at first. But once it picks up, it’s SO hard to stop watching!


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