March 22

An Afternoon with Lisa See

March 22, 2015

I am currently on a little getaway to Atlanta visiting family for part of my spring break. As I was looking into things to do, I came across the Margaret Mitchell House, which piqued my curiosity to begin with. When I found out that Lisa See was going to be there today, I was sold! To be honest, I haven’t actually read a Lisa See book yet, but I’ve always been interested in reading one of her novels. After today, I guarantee that will happen soon!

Lisa was promoting her most recent book China Dolls.  See admits upfront that she is pretty compulsive in her research for a novel, and that she continues to do research even while she is copy-editing. She loves to interview people and get their real life stories to include in her novels. It is clear that she is detail-oriented, but she stresses how the relationships in the novel are her priority (and I guess that’s what makes her novels NOT feel like a history lesson).

Although she shared some of the behind-the-scenes adventures of writing this book, it was the stories about her family history that made me adore her. She shared intimate stories of her great grandparents, her grandparents, and her parents. She had the audience laughing with stories of adultery, pornography, and crotchless panties (yes you read that correctly). It wasn’t an afternoon of debauchery though, so do not let the keep you from seeing her if you ever have the chance. I loved hearing about her relationship with her mom, who is also a writer.

I found Lisa See to be a very smart, very funny woman, and I hope to have the opportunity to go to an event of hers again some day (and hopefully I’ll have read one of her books at that point :) ). She is a must see if you are able to!

Have you read any novels by Lisa See? Which novels of hers would you recommend?

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