April 12

GET READY FOR…….Give Me Your Answer True!

April 12, 2015

I could not be more thrilledGMYAT 2000x2727 (1) to share my excitement with all of you, my fellow book lovers! Suanne Laqueur, author of The Man I Loveis now promoting her follow-up novel Give Me Your Answer True. If you had the opportunity to read The Man I Love, you know how truly exquisite Laqueur’s writing is! Here is a quick synopsis of the new book:

Following her award-winning debut novel The Man I Love, author Suanne Laqueur now gives Daisy Bianco a chance to tell her story.

It’s been three years since an egregious error of judgement cost Daisy the love of her life. Erik was a conduit to her soul but now he’s chosen a path of total disconnection, refusing to speak to her. Alone and shattered, she attempts to take responsibility for her actions while building her career as a professional dancer in New York City. But Erik’s unforgiving estrangement proves too much for her strength. Plagued by flashbacks to the shootings at Lancaster, she falls into a dangerous spiral of self-harm, cutting into her own skin as a means to atone. Only the timely appearance of an old friend, John “Opie” Quillis, saves her from self-destruction and gives her a chance to love again.

Laqueur skillfully weaves flashbacks to the years at Lancaster with Daisy’s present life. Supported by John’s patient affection, she works to separate her evolution as an adult from the unresolved guilt and grief of her youth. As her professional accomplishments lift her out of depression, Daisy learns to hold onto her accountability without letting it become her identity. Years pass and she builds a beautiful life filled with dance and friends. Lovers come and eventually go, leaving her on her own with the old thought: Come back to me.

In this parallel narrative, Laqueur peels open the beloved characters from The Man I Love to reveal new and complex layers of vulnerability. The scars from the shooting are deep and pervasive within this circle of friends. Like Daisy, they evolved without being resolved. Because when questions from the past go unheeded, you alone must find and give your answers true.

Yes! We are going to get more of Daisy and Erik! I can’t wait to hear more about Daisy’s time while she was apart from Erik. I love that we will hear more of Daisy’s perspective of the events that occurred while hearing what’s new with the characters we fell in love with in The Man I Love. If the cover and synopsis (or my fan-filled enthusiasm aren’t enough), there are even more cool things for you to check out in anticipation of release date. Click on this youtube link to check out the book trailer (which I think nails the feel of the book with its music and overall tone):


Seriously, if all of this isn’t enough to have you preorder the book immediately, then check out the Pinterest board that Laqueur created to provide images that go with many of the beautiful quotes from the novel. The images she selected are nearly as stunning as the writing they accompany!


If you need to catch up and read The Man I Love before the release of Give Me Your Answer True, here is the Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Man-I-Love-Suanne-Laqueur-ebook/dp/B00L2H6CSO/

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    This author looks like one that I would like to read. Thanks so much for posting.


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