April 26

Let’s Chat About Bucket Lists

April 26, 2015

For those of you who know me, I love to experience new things, visit new places, and meet new people. Life is to be embraced and lived to the fullest (while appreciating the beauty of downtime as well….hence the picture to the left). I constantly have a list going of things to do, places to go, and people to see. My “bucket” lists are ever evolving. I love is that I have checked so many things off of my lists over the years (skydiving, ziplining, Avon Walk, Bonnaroo, New Orleans to name a few), but that I keep adding things to take their place. This world is full of so many amazing opportunities, and I want to experience as much of it as I can while I am here! Today, I decided to share my bucket lists with all of you. I’m hoping to hear more about your bucket list(s), and maybe plan some adventures if we have things in common. Here are the items currently on my lists:


  • Lollapalooza – THE concert event of Chicago. I feel like I’m getting a little old for this one, but I’d like to spend a day there sometime.
  • Piano Lessons – I took 9 years of lessons growing up, but haven’t really played since my senior year of high school. It’s appalling really. I was so very lucky and I am so very grateful that my friend Jill was giving a piano away last year, and I was able to snatch it up. I hope to start lessons at some point in the near future, but I am so very intimidated to start over.
  • White Water Rafting through the Grand Canyon – I did go white water rafting for the first time last summer while on vacation in Colorado, but someday I want to go on the Grandaddy of all white water rafting trips!
  • Century Bike Ride – I love biking and someday I’d like to bike 100 miles for some charitable cause in some scenic location.
  • Snowmobiling – This seems like it would be an easy one to check off, I just haven’t quite gotten there yet!
  • Paddleboarding – I so need to build up my core strength before I tackle this one!
  • RV Trip – I’m not sold on a particular locale, I just think it would be fun to do, and I’d love to drive! I actually have some friends who are discussing this for next summer so maybe I can make that happen!
  • BEA – Now that I’m getting into this blogging thing, I’d love to check out the Book Expo of America convention in New York that occurs some May. It is supposed to be the most amazing experience!

Some of these are much easier to accomplish than others, but that’s what makes a bucket list fun….checking things off. This is the list that probably rotates the most frequently.


Oh, the places I’d like to visit. I so love to travel and experience different cities. I have been blessed with so many travel opportunities over the years, but sometimes I am amazed at some of the places that still remain on this list. Someday…..

  • Washington, D.C. – Really…how have I not yet been to our nation’s capital. It is almost embarrassing to admit this one!
  • Napa/Sonoma – My wine-loving friends are as surprised by this one as I am. I love wine, wine tastings, wine dinners, wine events…..how have I not been here!
  • Europe – any of it, all of it. I just need to get there!
  • Australia/New Zealand – This kind of speaks for itself as well!
  • Sedona, AZ – The pictures are simply breathtaking, and I’d love to go there and take it in and spend some time decompressing.
  • Mackinaw Island – This is actually a short weekend trip away for me. I just need to be able to plan ahead and make it happen!
  • Boston – My cousin is currently living there, and I’d love to visit while she is still there.
  • Costa Rica – It’s supposed to be amazing with so many things to do!
  • Argentina – My wine loving comes out again with this one! How fun would it be to visit some vineyards in South America (and stop and visit some lovely people that I know in Brazil along the way).
  • Grand Cayman – I’ve heard great things, and I’d like to check it out. In all honesty though, this has fallen lower on my bucket list as time goes on…..

I actually could go on and on, but these are the ones near the top for me. I don’t think I would ever turn down a trip opportunity though if the timing were right (well…I’m really not up for visiting any war ravaged areas).


I often refer to this as my concert bucket list, because most of the items are concerts I have yet to experience. You will note that most of the concerts involve older bands that I missed seeing in the days of my youth before I became a somewhat active concert-goer.

  • U2 – They often play at Soldier Field in Chicago during the summer, so I should be able to make this happen!
  • Bon Jovi – Oh how I loved Bon Jovi back in the day. Even though I was offered a last minute ticket a few years ago, I still haven’t had it work out to go to a show yet.
  • Bruce Springsteen – I really wish I had seen Bruce years ago…..from what I hear, he’s not quite the same as he used to be….
  • Zach Brown Band – I did see them briefly open for DMB one year, but I really want to take in a concert where they are the main act.
  • Mumford and Sons – I was supposed to see them at Bonnaroo two years ago, but that’s when the big injury occurred and shows were cancelled.
  • Katy Perry – I love her, and I’m not afraid to say it :)
  • Neal Shusterman – I have just very recently become a fan of this author of the Unwind Series and Challenger Deep (which I am half way through). I had a chance to meet him last Wednesday, but that was the day of my book club, and I had to pass. I would love to see this amazing writer speak!
  • Garth Stein – I have loved every book he has written, and I just want to meet this man (and it’s not just because he is totally hot either :))

I know I have forgotten some things on this list, but I’m sure you all will remind me as you comment below!

Please share some of your bucket list items!

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  1. By Lindsey Hicks on

    I especially like the Boston portion of this list 😉 You are always welcome!!


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