May 5

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Books I Will Probably Never Read

May 5, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted by The Broke and The Bookish in which they select a topic every week, and the rest of us get to make Top Ten lists based on that topic. This week’s topic: 10 Book I Will Probably Never Read. I had a debate over how to approach this one – I could either do 10 books there’s really no chance I’ll read or 10 books that I am mildly interested in, but probably won’t get to because there are so many other amazing books out there. In the end I decided to give you 10 Classics that I just don’t think I will ever get to:

War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy – Sorry I don’t think I have 1200 pages in me for this one!

Les Miserables by Victor Hugo – Even longer at over 1400 pages – I don’t think so (unless I take on the challenge in retirement)

Dune by Frank Herbert – My chemistry teacher in high school subjected our class to the movie, and I just couldn’t get into it. I can’t imagine I would like the book any better.

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley – I just really don’t have much interest in this one. It’s a story that’s been told in so many forms over the years, I feel like I have the gist and that’s good enough for me.

The Odyssey by Homer – Overall, this one gets fair ratings, and it’s another storyline I’m not sure I’m that in to.

Walden by Henry David Thoreau – I have some interest in reading this one, but I ultimately think it won’t make it to the top of my TBR.

Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice – This may not be a classic in the truest sense, but it’s on its way. I have some interest in this one as well, but I just don’t think I’ll get to it.

The Road by Cormac McCarthy – This just strikes me as dark and depressing.

Moby Dick by Herman Melville – Most reviews say this is hard to understand and gets weighed down in details. I’m really ok not reading this classic.

Othello by William Shakespeare – I think I overdosed on Shakespeare in high school. He is just not that high on my list.

Are there any books that you think I MUST read! I’d hate to miss out on anything good!

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