June 17

Quick Quotes! – Give Me Your Answer True

June 17, 2015 quick quotes

Check out my new feature – Quick Quotes! I provide you with several quotes from one of my favorite books with the hope that it will give you more of a feel for the book, inspiring you to pick up the book yourself! I will start with a book I finished recently that I absolutely adored the writing in – Give Me Your Answer True by Suanne Laqueur. My quote notebook got quite the workout during this read, and now I’m going to share my favorites with you! I have found that different quotes strike you more depending on your life circumstances, but I hope that you enjoy these as much as I did.

“Her mind felt fresh, like the first wide-opened window of spring letting in soft, damp air.”

“The silence swelled and shrank. A quiet friend and even quieter enemy. She was grateful for a moment and hated the expectation within it.”

“She began to court forgiveness and found it a coy, elusive lover.”

“It hit her all at once. How for some people, the not knowing was a mere nuisance. For others, it was a dire strait.”

“I’m sorry, but his heart’s a stone now and you’ll never chisel your way back in.”

“Maybe the lover goes away but what you do for love stays with you forever.”

“Stripped of her holiday decorations, New York in January was a weary debutante after the ball, tired and disappointed with nothing to look forward to.”

“Wanting and doing are two different things and in the scenario, your not doing kicks want’s ass.”

“Like a horse switching at a fly she flicked off her fear.”

“The dance wasn’t a jacket to stuff her limbs into and make fit. It was a jacket that would self-tailor to whatever emotional color she wanted. But the emotion had to come first – good, bad, and ugly. And even ugly could be beautiful.”

“You were in love,” Rita said. “And love is never a finished thing.”

“It’s like he’s given myself back to me.”

Check out Give Me Your Answer True and share your favorite quote with me below!

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