June 21

Hello Summer – The Music

June 21, 2015

I love all of the possibilities that summer holds so this week I’ve decided to do a little feature on all the things I hope to pack in during the next couple of months. Today, I’ll focus on the concerts that I already have tickets for (though I’m hoping to pick up tickets for a couple of others at some point).

One of my favorite summer activities is concerts at Ravinia. For those of you not from the Chicago area, Ravinia is an amazing outdoor concert venue that hosts a wide variety of musical shows. They have a beautiful pavilion with assigned seats, but for true fans of Ravinia, the good times are to be had when you picnic and drink on the lawn. It’s the only way to go in my humble opinion. These are not your typical picnics – they involve lots of wine, candles, fancy munchies, and accessories (roll-up tables with special tablecloths and coordinating napkins and dishes) to create a more upscale ambience.


Being such a fan of this venue, I do have an annual membership (as long as the show line up looks worthwhile). So far, the only concert tickets I have purchased for this summer are for Ravinia. My shows start this week, and I’m looking forward to hauling all my picnic gear out there and hanging out with friends and family. Here are the shows on my list (artist photos are from the Ravinia website):

I’ve been lucky enough to see Sheryl Crow in the past, including two other times at Ravinia. I just love Sheryl’s style and her laid back attitude during her shows. This concert is on Thursday this week, and it is part of my family’s Chicago Staycation this year. I’m excited to share this experience with my extended family for the first time!

This is the show I am the most excited about – Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga on Saturday of this week! Lady Gaga has been on my concert bucket list for awhile. This is the most sought after show ever hosted at Ravinia, and it will be crazy trying to stake out our picnic spot! I am still way looking forward to this show with a whole pile of friends and coworkers!

Blondie and Melissa Etheridge are on July 2nd. Melissa is also a performer I’ve wanted to see for awhile. There is a much smaller group of close friends going to this show, and I think it will be a great way to usher in the Fourth of July festivities!

Oh Harry – what a hottie! I love the feel that Harry’s music creates in a room full of people, but I’ve never seen him live. I am very excited for this show on August 7th as well. It is so fun attending different shows with very different groups of people – this one I am going to with a couple that can truly embrace the concept of “upscale picnic”.

Every summer, Ravinia has an “Under the Sun” show that features a few 90’s-type bands. It is kind of a low-key, fun throwback evening that I go to with some good friends of mine. This show on August 18th this year is one of my favorites!

I absolutely love OAR in concert. I’ve seen them a few times at different venues, but this show on September 6th will be the first one at Ravinia. I am way excited for this one because I am going with just my brother and his family for the first time! I think my niece and nephew will have a blast, and I’m just excited for the Labor Day weekend event!

The only drawback to Ravinia is that your tickets for the big shows MUST be purchased long before you know what the weather will be like (all of the big shows sell out). Sometimes it’s pretty chilly at night near the lake, and sometimes the rain can just wreak havoc on your plans. For the smaller shows, you can wait to see what the weather is like, and that’s why I’m sure I still have a couple more shows in my summer future that aren’t listed here. Even when it rains though, you can still have a blast if you can just embrace the craziness of it all.


What concerts do you plan to go to this summer? 

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