July 31

July 2015 Wrap Up: I Love Summer!

July 31, 2015

When people ask how my summer has been, I’ve been telling them it’s been great. It’s been a good blend of productivity, down time, and lots of time with family and friends. There have been a few bumps in the road, but overall I am so lucky to have the summer I’ve been having! Here’s what’s been happening:

july personal highlights

  • The month started with another great show at Ravinia – Blondie and Melissa Etheridge. Even though it was freezing (two of my friends were under blankets), we had a great Girl’s Night Out!
  • I went to the Naperville Rib Fest for the first time (it was something I’ve wanted to do for awhile). I’m always glad when I do things I’ve been wanting to do, but this is one of those times when I don’t necessarily need to do that again!
  • Love was in the air with 2 weddings this month! My cousin Kayla had a beautiful reception in Lake Geneva, WI, and my friend Carrie had one of the most lovely ceremonies I’ve been to in Madison, WI.
  • Even though I had the wrong night the first time we drove into the city (we still had a great time and we ended up getting 2 nights out in the city as a result), I saw Kinky Boots. Although it was slow to start, I loved the message of this musical!
  • My sister-in-law Laura celebrated her 40th with a party with family (and I rushed home from the wedding in Madison to catch the end of it) . We had awesome margaritas and Mexican food!
  • I took the plunge andjoinedeHarmony thanks to the encouragement of my friends Luke and Vicky. I’ve had a couple of wonderful dates, and I’ll keep you posted on how this journey unfolds (I’ve had lots of mixed emotions the last couple of weeks to put it mildly).

    I love the reflection of the buildings in this one!
    I love the reflection of the buildings in this one!
  • Summer has finally arrived in Chicago (following a very rainy and chilly June), and I’ve gotten in lots of patio time with friends (including patio time at friends, patio time at restaurants, and some patio drinking time). I love patios in the summer!
  • I had my annual physical, which I’ve been dreading as I’ve put on so much weight. It was a great appointment though (I love my PA), and I came away with some great tips for being more healthy overall (some of which I’m already putting into place).
  • My friends and I discovered the beauty of Music in the Park in Rosemont, IL. We went to country night this past Tuesday, and I heard two new bands that I absolutely loved. The restaurants in the area are all flexible with allowing you to use their bathrooms, and they all offer great food and drink specials to concert-goers. I highly recommend this outing if you live in the Chicago area (and it is very kid friendly for those with children).
  • My mom and I took my niece and nephew to see the Fancy Nancy musical at the Broadway Playhouse in Chicago. We followed it up with visits to the infamous Bean in Millennium Park (check out the pic of my niece and nephew) and the new Maggie Daley Park. It was a spectacular day!


July blogging highlights

July Misc Tidbits

  • My book club read The Rosie Project this month (which I adored and highly recommend as a summer read). Our hostess Jesi gave me a shout out on her blog Pepperminting. If you haven’t visited her site yet, hop on over because she gives you lots of practical tips and advice in so many areas. She’s the big sister you’ve always wanted!
  • I participated in another training at work for The Leader in Me program, which is school wide program based on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. I love the principles of the program (I’ll probably being doing a post at some point), and it was reenergizing to go through another coaching day. As a side note, the Erin Condren life planner ties in very nicely with the 7 Habits.

What have you been up to this month?

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  1. By Wendy on

    It sounds like your book club is a ton of fun! I’d never heard of the 24 in 48 event. I suspect I occasionally do that by accident…

    1. By Lisa @ Reading, Writing, and Random Musings (Post author) on

      Thanks for visiting Wendy! My book club varies every month depending on the crowd. I do enjoy it, because there is a wide variety of personalities, and you never know what book club will hold! I really like #24in48 because there is less pressure to read constantly for 24 hours- there is more flexibility overall. Hopefully you will join me next time :)

  2. By Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction on

    Good luck with eHarmony! My sister-in-law met her husband through an online dating site, so I know that they work really well for some people – I’m sure that it’s got to be a little intimidating though! Sounds like you have been up to A LOT this summer – hope the rest is just as fun and active!!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  3. By Sue G. on

    Fun post! I love Chicago. Went there a few years ago and had a great time. Ooh, I love Rib Fests! We have a smaller one here every year. We get samplers and the whole family (5 of us) tried each one.


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