August 13

Book Review – Propose to Me

August 13, 2015

From Goodreads:
Artificial Tears by Charmaine Pauls
Lourdes March has cried enough tears over her dishonest ex. She is moving on. Until she walks into an optometrist’s office, and is confronted with the splitting image of the man she’s trying to forget.

The Spark by Ellyse Roberts
Anna Claire had everything: money, a fiancée and a successful job as an architect. Her life was going great until a homeless guy with a grudge decided to set the building she was renovating on fire. Ethan was a firefighter filled with regret from a mistake he made long ago. An inferno brought them back together. But can fate re-ignite the spark they thought was lost forever?

Proposal Unexpected by Elena Kane
Adele had the perfect life, until it all fell apart. She’s left alone and bitter after discovering her husband’s many transgressions, when she finds herself face to face with a familiar face from the past. Wondering why they ever parted ways to begin with, Adele is faced with the difficult choice of forgetting and forgiving her husband or starting a life with the man she spent years loving before life got in the way.

One Perfect Moment by Tara Fox Hall
Coriander Hartwell’s dream of getting married has almost come true; her longtime lover Stefan Van Kellam II has finally popped the question. But the instant she locks eyes with old flame Dustin at her high school reunion, Cori begins to rethink her dream of a perfect wedding…and the man she wishes would make her his wife.

Running Late by Caroline Andrus
On her way to meet with her boyfriend, Will, Paige reflects upon their seven-year relationship and prepares herself to be dumped. Meanwhile, Will has something else in mind.

Cappuccino Dreaming by Louise Redmann
What does it cost to be yourself? She’s cooked for her boyfriend, played nice with his friends, and twisted her personality to fit his. He’s booked an expensive restaurant for Saturday night. Surely he’s going to propose. But when she sees her lover kiss her best friend, she flees into a coffee house only to trip up the stairs, spilling her cappuccino over everyone. Out of the angry crowd, one man offers his hand and a fresh drink.

Love Weavers by Katie Stephens
Hannah and Wynter have two things in common: an incredible artistic talent and witchcraft. In order to acquire Wynter’s jewelry-making secrets, Hannah finds a way to travel across time and meet her ancestor. However, her novice powers simply amuse Wynter, who is embroiled in a love triangle and has no time for the young witch. When an enchanted necklace disappears, can the two work together or must their men take matters into their own hands?

I was approached by author Caroline Andrus to read and review this collection of short stories in which each story ends in a proposal. I accepted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I thought summer might be the perfect time to read some romance. Some of the stories were good, some not so great. I found that I became more and more disinterested in the stories as the book went on, and I’m not sure if that is because I was just growing tired of the theme, or if they were not as well written near the end. I would recommend reading this book one story at a time over several days, thereby decreasing the risk of growing tired with the theme. Overall, the writing across the collection was solid, and I grew to like the characters in all of the stories (which is saying a great deal because it is hard to fully develop solid characters in a short number of pages). If you are looking for a little love in your life, then this may be the book for you. If you do read it, I would love to know your thoughts!

Do you like short story collections or do you prefer to read novels?

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  1. By Caroline on

    I’m just now seeing this review posted – thank you for your honest review of our anthology!

    Anthologies are tough for me as well, because there’s a chance the reader won’t like every story.



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