August 20

Fun Things To Do in St. Louis!

August 20, 2015

I recently spent a long weekend in St. Louis, and I had the best time. There are so many sights to see, places to eat and drink, and things to do. The best part – when compared to other places in other cities, the prices are more reasonable than you would expect. A trip to St. Louis can be fun for families as well as non-kid groups. Below are some of the fun times that I had that I would highly recommend to others:



City Museum is one of the coolest, most unique places I’ve been to that is suitable for all ages (and for less than $20 for adults). I definitely recommend checking out their website for some great photos that I just wasn’t able to capture with my phone.  When planning your trip, you want to set aside several hours for this hot spot, and you MUST wear good shoes (sandals will not cut it). There are ginormous slides (one that is even 10 stories high), caves, mazes, and forests with lots of nooks and crannies to climb through, a Maker’s Space, a circus show, a toddler room, a ramp room, and sooooooooo much more. I can’t even get over all that this place has to offer. This is truly a bucket list place for everyone if you’ve never been there!

20150802_124245THE GATEWAY ARCH

Although The Arch is the most iconic landmark in St. Louis, I don’t think you need to set aside too much of your trip time to check it out. I enjoyed checking it out from the outside – you get such an idea of how truly large it is when you stand at the bottom and look up. As for the inside tour to the top, you won’t be missing much if you skip it. The best part is the ride up (the engineering aspects of the trip are intriguing – and I’m not that mechanically inclined in the least) and the cost. Once you make it to the top, it is VERY crowded and there is not much to see out the small windows. You also wait a long time to make it to the top, even with your reservation.



My cousin’s wife suggested we check out Lafayette Square one afternoon when we had a few hours to spare, and I’m so glad she did. I truly found one of my favorite places of all time. Bailey’s Chocolate Bar was like heaven on earth for me – the most perfect patio, a host of chocolate martinis to choose from (as well as great wine and yummy hot chocolate selections), an amazing cheese tray for a great price, and mini chocolate chip cookies brought to your table upon arrival. You are missing out if you don’t stop by. We also made a stop at Square One Brewerywhich also acts as a distillery. They had a great food menu and some unique cocktail offerings. Lafayette Square also hosts a variety of special activities that you can check out if you have more time, such as movie nights and self-directed tours of the Victorian homes in the neighborhood (which were stunning on our drive by).


Following our trip to The Arch, we had a late dinner at the Broadway Oyster Bar. This is just a fun and quirky place to hang out regardless of the season. In the summer, they have a fabulous outdoor space. In the winter, you could spend hours viewing all the memorabilia hanging on the walls and still not see it all. The food and drinks are very reasonably priced, and it is a perfect spot no matter what type of meal you are looking for. I had the crab cake appetizer, and it was GOOOOD!



It is a good thing that Strange Donuts is not close to my own home or I might have a serious problem. I love the cute shop and the unique variety of donuts available. We sampled (clockwise from the top donut): blueberry lemon, mojito, maple bacon, butterfinger, and gooey butter. It’s hard to pick one favorite (they all were quite tasty), but I would probably say the mojito might be my favorite (though the butterfinger and gooey butter are close seconds). Their selections change regularly so you never quite know what to expect. This is a must-go if you are near any of their 3 stores in the the St. Louis area.

What do you recommend doing in the St. Louis area?

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  1. By Holly on

    We took Oldest Kiddo to the City Museum when she was five years old. I had a panic when I sent her down a slide that did not let out where I thought it would! I bet it would be super fun with her being older.

  2. By Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight on

    City Museum sounds AMAZING! When I was there, we did the Westward Expansion museum, but I have heard it closed? The City Museum sounds even more amazing though! And I agree- a few photos of the arch, and you’re good to go 😉 And now you’ve lost me at chocolate martinis, oyster bar, and donuts, because I am drooling! Glad you had a nice time, thanks for sharing this with us!!


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