August 23

Let’s Chat About Birthdays

August 23, 2015

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I don’t know about you, but I really don’t mind celebrating my birthday. It’s a time when I feel loved and appreciated by those closest to me, and that is always a great feeling. My birthday is also a time that I am prone to some serious life reflection. That is more true this year than usual.

To say that 2015 hasn’t been my finest year is to put it mildly. Despite all the hurdles that have been in my way, I am truly grateful for the life I have and for all of the people in it. My life in no way resembles anything I would have expected at this point in time, but I’ve decided to focus on all that I do have instead of the potential things that I may be missing.

I have not been at the top of my game either physically or mentally this summer. With the start of a new year of life and a new school year starting this week, I WILL get back on top of things. I have spent a great deal of time today addressing some emotional loose ends that have been holding me back as well as planning for success for the week ahead (as a side note, for anyone who is familiar with the 7 Habits, I am looking for an accountability partner to check in with on a weekly basis).

As I embark on this fresh start, I want to remind myself of the very many aspects to my life that I am grateful for:

  • My family who has always loved and supported me unconditionally. I am not just including my parents, my brother, and my sister-in-law (who are all beyond amazing), but my aunts, uncles, and cousins as well. If ever I need a diversion, there is always someone who is willing to hang out or have a visitor. My niece and nephew provide me with happiness and entertainment each and every time I see them.
  • My friends who also love and appreciate me for the person I am. As with my family, I know that if I need support, there are several people who would drop whatever they are doing to be there for me.
  • My coworkers, especially my team, who make everyday at work a better day. Even on tougher days, we can make each other laugh, and I know that we all have each other’s backs. I am lucky to call everyone on my team a friend.
  • My job, which has provided me with the means to support myself while providing me with the satisfaction of knowing that I am helping others.
  • This blog, which has connected me with so many new people and which provides me with a creative outlet to express myself in a variety of ways.

As you get ready to celebrate your next birthday, take the time to remind yourself of all the truly wonderful things that exist in your world. It’s ok to reflect on the areas that you want to work on, but don’t forget the ways in which you are lucky to be you, because each one of us is an amazing you!

Thanks to each and every one of you that makes my life brighter – you will never know how much each one of you means to me!

How do you feel about celebrating your birthday? Do you take time to reflect on your life each year at that time?

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  1. By Martie on

    Love this. You are going to have an amazing year. Much love.

  2. By Quanie Miller on

    It’s always cold and rainy on my birthday:( I always wake up hoping that something magical happens (the writer in my I guess) but when it doesn’t, I just shrug and go, “Oh, well.” This was a great post. It’s a good reminder to be grateful for what we do have instead of focusing on the things we don’t have. Good luck on your new beginning:)

  3. By Erik Fish on

    I cant imagine many people actually reflecting on the uear that just passed every year and taking a sort of mental inventory. I think we are all in places we are still wondering how we managed to get to. You say you did not have the best year. I think we are all more likely to remember the bad than the good. I am going to try to be better about remembering the good. Life is passing us all by so fast I think we all need to take a look at what we have accomplished and not what we did not. Maybe be thankful of where we are instead of where we are not. And what we have achieved and not what we did not. Wanting more and better improvments in our lives is what keeps us moving forwards and hopefully our pasts and mistakes are our giiding force to not repeat the bad and move toward our goals.


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