September 15

Top Ten Tuesday: Underrated Authors

September 15, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted by The Broke and The Bookish in which they select a topic every week, and the rest of us get to make Top Ten lists based on that topic. This week’s topic: FREEBIE — your choice! I decided to provide all of you with a list of authors that I love, but that not many of you know about. I’m hoping to inspire you to check a few of these people out, because I think they are worthy of your attention!

Young Adult Authors:

Underrated YA Authors Collage

James Klise – I first discovered Klise at the Anderson’s YA Literature Conference last fall. He was so kind, and he motivated me to embrace the revision process of my first novel. I purchased his novel The Art of Secrets, and I loved it. James is a great guy and a great author, and as a bonus he is from the Chicago area.

Trent Reedy – I also met Trent at the Anderson’s YA Literature Conference. He was a keynote speaker who shared his moving life story. Trent served in Afghanistan, and I think he offers a unique perspective and voice in the realm of YA literature. I’ve read Words in the Dust, and I plan to read more of his writing soon. He is a truly great guy that we should all know about!

Adult Authors:

 Renee Rosen – I absolutely adore Renee, and I cannot praise her work enough. She is definitely my favorite historical fiction author, and I cannot wait for the release of White Collar Girl. If you haven’t already, you must check out Dollface and What the LUnderrated Adult Authors Collage 1ady Wants. Renee has an amazing ability to combine her extensive research into a readable story that you are sure to enjoy!

Rebecca Makkai – I was first introduced to Makkai when she was part of an event for Renee Rosen. I thought she was an intelligent and thoughtful person, and I bought a copy of her novel The Hundred Year House, which has a very interesting plot structure. I’m looking forward to reading her newest collection of short stories Music for Wartime.

Gabrielle Zevin – I loved The Storied Life of AJ Fikry! She has published both adult and young adult novels, and I can’t believe I haven’t heard of her before now. I hope to check more of her work out soon.

Suanne Laqueur – I was introduced to Laqueur’s work when I won The Man I Love in a contest. I have said this before on this blog, and I’ll say it again – Laqueur is an exquisite writer. Her writing is beautiful and memorable and simply amazing. I was happy to read a prerelease copy of Give Me Your Answer True, and I will read anything that she publishes in the future!

Jamie Ford – I first read Ford when my book club had Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet as its selection. I learned so much about the Japanese internment in the United States, and I was eager to read more of Ford’s work. I picked up Songs of Willow Frost shortly after its release. I think Ford iUnderrated Adult Authors Collage 2s an excellent historical fiction author, and I hope more people take the time to check out his work.

Katherine Center – I really enjoyed Happiness for Beginners, and I look forward to reading so much for from Center. I love her message, and I added so many quotes to my quote notebook. Check her out if you haven’t already!

Chad Harbach – I thought The Art of Fielding was such a great novel that would appeal to a wide range of readers. You so don’t have to be a baseball fan to get into this one. I’m wondering if Harback is a one-hit wonder so to speak, because he doesn’t even have his own website. I’m hoping he will publish more, but until then, you can check out his big hit!

Graeme Simsion – Simsion is a recent discovery for me when we read The Rosie Project for my book club this summer. It was one of my favorite summer reads, and I hope to pick up The Rosie Effect soon!

What underrated authors are missing from my list? Who should I be reading that I haven’t yet?

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  1. By Emily Alfano on

    I was at last year’s YA Conference sponsored by Anderson’s as well! I completely agree with you, Trent Reedy deserves more recognition than he receives. his speech last year moved me! our whole table (including Carl Hiasen and Adi Alsaid) was near tears! great post today!


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