October 16

Graduation Awards from Anderson’s 2015 YA Lit Conference

Friday, October 16

2015 YA Lit Conf

So…..let me tell you what happens when you have trouble sleeping the night after the Fandom Frenzy is over – you come up with a crazy idea to do a graduation awards ceremony to highlight the most prominent characteristics you learned about the various authors over the weekend (you remember the titles that people were given right before high school graduation such as “Most Likely to Succeed”). Now keep in mind that I connected with some authors more than others, and that is definitely reflected in the list below. Here are the awards that insomnia declared:

Most Likely to Call You for Bail Money

James Dashner – As I mentioned in a post earlier this week, Dashner is the ultimate troublemaker! He will so be the one who gets arrested for pulling what was intended to be an innocent prank :)

Most Likely to Give You Her Kidney

Ellen Airgood – Although I didn’t get much of an opportunity to interact with Ellen, she was so uncomfortable when any negative topics came up, and she would throw no one under any sort of item resembling a bus. She just struck me as a person who would do anything she needed to for a friend.

Most Traveled

Alexandra Sirowy and Dawn Kurtagich – These women have been to places that none of us will ever see, including the Middle East for Alexandra and Africa for Dawn. I envy them for all of their worldly experiences.

Most Likely to Lull You to Sleep with Their Beautiful Accents

Dawn Kurtagich and Antony John – Like I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m a sucker for a good accent of any kind. Ally Carter would get honorable mention in this category as well.

Most Likely to Cause a Traffic Jam

Marie Lu and Leigh Bardugo – Talk about making it difficult to navigate the autograph areas. These two women were definite contenders for busiest autographers!

Most Likely to Join a Circus

Cassie Beasley – Not only is her book titled Circus Mirandus, but Beasley is also an expert juggler!

Most Likely to Moderate a Presidential Debate

Ann Bausum – All of Ann’s books feature social justice issues. I haven’t had the opportunity to read her work, but it sounds like she could go head-to-head with even the most intimidating politicians when it comes to her beliefs.

Most Likely to Be Featured on Inked

Adam Silvera – I love all of the tattoos that Adam has, and I love what they represent to him. He truly is a special man, and I adore him!

Most Likely to Inspire Prison Reform

Gary Schmidt – The work he is doing with juvenile offenders in nothing short of amazing in my opinion. Gary is a man who will make you consider the judgements you pass on all people without knowing a full backstory.

Most Likely to Have the Cops Raid a Party

Danielle Vega – During speed dating, Danielle mentioned that all of her books so far feature a wicked party, and who doesn’t enjoy a good party. The parties in her books seem to get out of control pretty quickly though, so if you choose to go, be prepared for a police presence!

What author awards would you like to give out?

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