November 30

November 2015 Wrap-Up: Keeping Up….Kind Of

November 30, 2015

November hasn’t felt quite as hectic as October, but it’s still been busy, and I still don’t feel quite caught up. I’m not sure I’ll achieve that caught up feeling in December, but we’ll give it a whirl! Here’s what’s been happening:

nov personal highlights

  • I finally have a ceiling in my bathroom again after two months! The bathroom isn’t finished yet, but I am so relieved that there is a ceiling once again!
  • What was estimated to be a 1-5 inch snowfall ended up being over a foot the weekend before Thanksgiving! I may not be a fan of the cold, but I so love snow (especially if I don’t have to drive in it). It had melted a few days later, but I enjoyed it while it lasted!
  • My friend Tiffany won a wine tasting that she used to celebrate her 40th birthday! We had a great time, and even followed up the event with a fun dinner out with the girls!
  • I took my 10 year old niece Caytee shopping for her birthday. It’s become a new tradition for us, and I LOVE it!!!! We always have a blast, and I love that right now she enjoys spending time with me!
  • My family celebrated the circle of life one weekend with both a memorial and a baby shower. It is the side of the family that I don’t get the chance to see quite as often, and it was great to be able to spend time with everyone. It was interesting to have such a wide range of experiences in one weekend.
  • My nephew has been asking repeatedly for me to go to another one of his hockey games (unfortunately his aunt is not a morning person on the weekends, and had to wait for a weekend with an afternoon game). It’s been so fun to see him grow in his skills and excitement for the game! I will be going again next weekend!
  • I had a 12 hour day of Parent-Teacher Conferences followed by a short 4 hour day of them. They went relatively smoothly, and it was nice to then have the rest of the Thanksgiving week off.
  • Thanksgiving was a quiet event at my parent’s house this year. Although it was low key and fun, I did miss seeing my extended family. This is my favorite snapshot from the day (I love when my nephew snuggles up with my mom):


  • Thanksgiving weekend was fun with Black Friday shopping (late in the afternoon), the kickoff of the 12 Beers of Christmas (even though I am so not a beer drinker, I can go out and support my friends), a train pub crawl, a happy hour with friends, and a sushi dinner with some other friends. It was great to be able to spend so much time with friends (and I still managed to get a lot of downtime in as well). I had a spectacular Thanksgiving weekend!

nov reading blogging


  • I am currently hosting a giveaway for The Creeping by Alexandra Sirowy. Hurry up and enter before the contest closes!

nov misc tidbits

  • I had the best time participating in Nonfiction November hosted in part by Katie at Doing Dewey. I was able to connect with some new readers and bloggers while reading a bunch of great nonfiction. Although I did not finish 3 of the books I started (not that they were terrible, but they just didn’t click for me at this time), I was happy with the reading I did get in. I can’t wait to participate next year. In the meantime, I encourage all of you to check out Katie’s blog, especially if you love nonfiction. 
  • I started writing out my Christmas cards. For those of you who know me well, I spend a huge amount of time with my cards, letting people know what they mean to me and how they are special (and you would be surprised at how a few kind words can truly make a difference in someone’s day). This is no small task (last year I wrote out about 120 cards), and I am running far behind from where I was at this time last year. Fingers crossed I have some good card-writing mojo this week!

What was the highlight of your month?

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  1. By Freda on

    A wine tasting sounds really neat! I’d love to do that, and since I live near Niagara Wine Country, it shouldn’t be too hard… lol
    You had a great month for books!
    Happy December!

    1. By Lisa @ Reading, Writing, and Random Musings (Post author) on

      I can’t even tell you how much I enjoyed Nonfiction November. It has inspired a huge desire to read more nonfiction books that I typically would.

      If I could only decide on a paint color, I’d finally be able to shower in my bathroom again :)

    1. By Lisa @ Reading, Writing, and Random Musings (Post author) on

      I do write 120 individual cards. A few years ago I just had this moment when I realized how important it was to let people know what they add to this world, and how they make a difference in my life. I get so much positive feedback that I just can’t stop the tradition!

  2. By Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight on

    Girl, how do you even KNOW 120 people!? I mean if you forced me, I don’t think I could come up with 120 people I even kind of knew. And to write them all by hand!? Impressive. But you ARE right, it does brighten people’s days for sure, so it is very kind of you :)

    It’s nice that you had so much family time too! Sounds like you are a wonderful aunt, the kids are SO lucky to have you! And YAY for bathroom ceilings- I find those to be important too 😀

    1. By Lisa @ Reading, Writing, and Random Musings (Post author) on

      Lol – Many of them are work friends (I work in a school), and I have a relatively large family. I am still woefully behind as I type this with no clue as to how I will pull it off. I’ll have to keep you posted!

      I love those peanuts more than I can say, and I love that they love to spend time with me…..I’m sure that will shift as they get older so I’m going to make the most of it now!


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