December 31

December 2015 Wrap-Up

December 31, 2015

I tried to think of a quick phrase or word to sum up this month, but I just couldn’t! It was fun. It was crazy busy (until after Christmas when I became extremely lazy). It was what December is typically made of…..chaos! Here’s what happened:

Dec personal

  • The first Friday of the month was our annual work holiday party. This year was an great event with a great turnout! I had a very fun time with a crew of people that I consider friends as well as coworkers. I am truly blessed to work with so many fabulous people!
  • Due to bad weather the first time around, we celebrated my friend Katherine’s birthday on the first Saturday of the month. I went to Sabatino’s restaurant for the first time, and I get what all of the hype is about. Great food, great wine, and a great atmosphere. Make sure y20151206_173747ou have a reservation and don’t mind tight spaces!
  • My nephew Rhett celebrated his 7th birthday! How did that happen? He is very much into hockey right now, so the whole family watched a game of his, and then went back to his house for pizza and doughnuts (the crazy kid is not a fan of cake so we always have doughnuts for his big day).
  • I had a delightful evening catching up with my friends Dennis and Andrea and their daughter Norah. I am so grateful for their love, support, and friendship! I always find my time with them to be replenishing, and I just feel more “content” after a visit with them.
  • I went to watch my niece test for her 2nd degree black belt. I am always in awe when I watch her, and she inspires me with her strength and caring. She’s about to take a break from tae kwon do, and I’m a little sad to miss out on these events.
My niece is the small one on the left...which makes her all the more bad ass!
My niece is the small one on the left…which makes her all the more bad ass!
  • My dear friend Rob was in town for the holidays, and we went out for dinner one evening (which has become an annual tradition for us). It was great to catch up and share the events of the past year with each other!
  • My bathroom is finally painted and completed! Seriously….I can use all of it again! I also had all new windows installed, and I’m even happier than I could have imagined (despite the worry I had over the cost of the project).
  • My team at work celebrated the start of our winter break with a very fun happy hour. For those of you in the NW suburbs of Chicago, Ditka’s is a great place on Friday nights with half price bottles of wine (seriously….who does that on a Friday night?).
  • My work book club does an annual brunch/ornament exchange every year over our winter break. It is fun to hang out with everyone when they are not completely stressed out by work! We once again went to Wildberry Cafe, which is one of my favorite breakfast places.
  • Since I was struggling to get my wrapping done, I had a couple friends over for a wrapping frenzy. Let me just say that wrapping is much more fun with friends and wine! I highly recommend this if you are looking for a fun and social aspect to the huge wrapping t20151224_171206ask! Thanks Margaret and Katherine – maybe this can become a new tradition?
  • Christmas Eve was a fun event with my dad’s side of the family hosted at my brother’s house. There were about 40 people, including a brand new baby. Welcome Emma Rylee!
  • Christmas Day was spent with part of my mom’s side of the family. It was low key, but lots of fun. We played some games and enjoyed some great food!
  • I took my niece Caytee shopping for her Xmas gifts after the big day. If you remember from my October Wrap-Up, it is one of my favorite traditions with her, and I am going to make the most of these outings while she still thinks they’re fun!
  • I celebrated the birthdays of my friends Meghan and Tiffany (since there birthdays are two days apart, it seems that having a celebration with the two of them has also become an annual tradition – are you noticing a trend in the amount of traditions I have at this time of the year?).
  • Tonight is New Year’s Eve. It is 3:00, and I am still not completely clear on what I’m going to do tonight! Ugh……there is way too much hype around this evening, and it just makes me crazy! It looks like I’ll either be doing dinner with my friends Meghan and Margaret or else I’ll be enjoying some couch time with a nice bottle of wine from my Napa trip. We are all still debating the pros and cons of both plans :).

Dec readingblogging

My reading was amazing (I managed to get in quite a bit of extra reading over my winter break), but my blogging was downright dreadful! Blogging took a backseat to so many things this month (but I don’t regret those decisions in any way)!

dec misc

  • My dad won a free car detail a while ago, and he gave it to me to use! Ummmmm….I LOVE a car detail. Even though my car is now 5 1/2 years old, it smells and looks brand new. I love it even more because it was free!
  • My favorite Christmas gift this year was this delightful, fun, festive Kate Spade w20151231_151007allet. I love all thing Kate Spade, and I’ve loved this pink color for awhile. I figured the wallet was the perfect way to try out this bold color.
  • For those of you in the NW suburbs of Chicago, a local ice cream/coffee shop Christie’s Dairy Delights is now making custom ice cream cake rolls. I took a couple for Christmas Day as something different to try for dessert, and they were delicious (I wish I had taken a picture). Although the packaging can use a little work, they are well worth the money you spend. You get to pick your ice cream, cake, ganache, and two toppings! It is all custom, and it’s so fun to plan!

What were your highlights in December?

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  1. By Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction on

    My daughter doesn’t like cake either – she much prefers donuts! (Though sometimes for her birthday we do cheesecake.) I thought she was the only kid anywhere who didn’t like cake. :-)

    Sounds like you had a fantastic December – glad you took some time off from blogging to enjoy it. (But we missed you, of course!)


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