January 31

January 2016 Wrap Up: Loving My Downtime

January 31, 2016

I’ve had a great month, but I will admit that I have become a bit of a recluse this winter. I simply like my time on my couch to read or watch TV or blog or play Candy Crush Soda Saga (I thought I was giving it up in 2016, but that hasn’t happened yet). I’m guessing that I will become a bit more social as the weather warms up (or if you want to come and join me on my couch). In the meantime, here’s what’s been going on:

Jan At home

  • I went to see Star Wars with the fam! I’m not a die hard fan, but I really enjoyed the movie, and I totally want to go see it again!
  • I was able to see The Lion King again at the Cadillac Palace Theater for the first time in over a decade with my friends Luke and Vicky! It was just as good as I remembered, and we had a delightful dinner beforehand at Italian Village.
  • I fit in a couple of happy hours with different friends and coworkers, one of my favorite Friday activities (or any day of the week really).
  • We celebrated my friend Margaret’s birthday with an awesome dinner at Chicago Prime Italian. YUM!!!!
  • My niece was officially awarded her first degree black belt, which was exciting for our whole family. Look at her smile in this pic…..I simply can’t get enough of it.


  • Even though it was the #24in48 Readathon weekend, I went to my nephew’s hockey game since I had made the journey north for my niece’s black belt ceremony. He was able to play goalie (which he doesn’t do very often, and it took him a bit to get his rhythm), and it was fun to watch him! My family did a very quick lunch at Portillo’s between the two big events.


  • For the second time, I participated in the #24in28 Readathon. I beat my previous record with 13 hours this time around. It was so nice to just make the most of my time with reading (without feeling guilty about it).
  • I went to a wine tasting to celebrate my dear friend Jill’s birthday. Very good wine followed by a quick meal at Tap House Grill. I managed to only bring 3 bottles of wine home with me :).
  • I went to Kuma’s for the first time with my parents and YUM!!!!! You must go with a HUGE appetite and know that you will still come home with 2 more meals!

Jan Blogging

Jan Misc

  • I’ve made the decision – I’m getting rid of my cable. It’s just not worth it for what I pay and how I use it. Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated (thanks to my friend Daniel who had lots of input for me this week). I think next Monday will by my cut off date (I still have to call to make it final, but I know I will).
  • I haven’t really been working out like I should (ummmm….1 session of yoga won’t quite cut it), but I have been making some adjustments to my eating (although not as consistently as I would like). I’m not quite where I want to be overall, but I have made some overall improvements. Tomorrow starts a brand new week and a brand new month, and I plan to rock it out! I’m telling you all so that I am holding myself somewhat accountable.

What have you been up to this month?

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  1. By Christie on

    I cut cable A couple years ago now. Surprisingly, it didn’t take long to get used to it. Now that I’m back in a house with cable, I never really got back into watching it. You’ll be amazed :-)

  2. By Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction on

    We almost never watch cable, but we still haven’t gotten rid of it because our phone and cable package is only like $3 per month more than the phone alone. We DO subscribe to both Hulu and Netflix, though, so …

    I’ve been doing good about working out lately – but not so great about eating well just recently – so maybe we can each exchange a bit of that motivation. :-)

    1. By Lisa @ Reading, Writing, and Random Musings (Post author) on

      I’ve already given up the landline, so I really only need Internet, and I know that I can get a much better deal than I am. Cable is such a racket (do I sound like my grandparents yet?). Funny how you and I are opposites on the working out and eating. Hopefully we can both achieve some balance between the two this month!

  3. By Vicky on

    We just added showtime to our Amazon Prime membership, at a dollar cheaper than going through cable. It got me thinking about leaving cable all together, but all our tech running into our house is Comcast based, so I’m not quite sure what that would all entail. Let us know what you decide to do!!

  4. By Wendy on

    You are sure embracing a lot of challenges–very impressive. I would adore to do a read-athon, but my family might implode if I did so. Maybe at a different point in my life.

    Your niece and nephew have SKILLZ!

    1. By Lisa @ Reading, Writing, and Random Musings (Post author) on

      I’m not sure if my number of challenges is impressive or crazy :). Maybe at some point, your whole family could do a readathon. I’ve tried to talk the librarian at my school into hosting one at some point, but she hasn’t been game so far.

  5. By Minerva on

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