January 1

December 2017 Wrap Up

January 1, 2018

December was a wild ride. It started out fast and busy, but things slowed way down following Christmas (and I was able to get lots of extra reading in). Here are the highlights from the month:

Dec personal

  • We kicked off the first of December with my annual work holiday party. There were not quite as many people in attendance as usual, but it is always a good time with good stories to be had by those who were there šŸ˜‰
  • My friend Andrea hosted a My Favorite Things Party based on the concept of Oprah’s My Favorite Things. There were only four of us there, and we each brought the same gift (our favorite thing of 2017) to share with each person. It was tons of fun to see what everyone would bring, and I do hope it becomes an annual tradition. Andrea also made tons of desserts that were DELICIOUS and added to the whole fun of the evening.
  • December is definitely a time for friendly gatherings, and this month was no exception. I watched Bad Moms with some coworkers one evening, attended a holiday party that my friend Margaret threw, went to my friend Shannon’s After Christmas PJ party, and spent a little time with my friend Janet and her family who were home for the holidays from Belgium.Ā They all had different vibes, but they were all super fun and a great chanceĀ to bond with my friends.
  • I have a surprising number of friends with December birthdays. I wasn’t able to celebrate them all, but I hope I at least acknowledged all of them….DecemberĀ gets so crazy so I’m not totally sure this happened. My friend Kristy turned 40, and she wanted to do an Escape Room. I’ve never done one before, and they are definitely morhett birthday 2017re tricky then I anticipated, but it was definitely a good time!
  • My nephew celebrated his 9th birthday and we celebrated with a fun party complete with a doughnut tower cake followed by one of his hockey games. They don’t come much sweeter and funnier than this guy!
  • I took my first hand lettering class at the Paper Source, and it will not be my last. We were able to bring in our own snacks and wine, and our instructor was delightful. I highly recommend the experience!
  • Christmas was an awesome time with family featuring lots of good food, amazing gifts, quality time with some of my favorite people as well as Star Wars. We saw the newest movie in 4D on Christmas Day. It wasn’t the best Star Wars movie ever (and keep in mind I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan), and you can totally skip the 4D. It sounded good in theory, but we were all done with the moving seats by the end!
  • My niece is still into going shopping for her birthday and Christmas instead of me buying her gifts. I keep making the most of it, because I know it will not last forever, but it is one of my favorite things to do all year. She selected Chipotle for lunch this time around.
  • My friends Meghan and Maura and I have a tradition of going out for an amazing dinner and cocktails on the evening of New Years. This was our third year! We are home before midnight, but it is an awesome way to end the year. This year we went to Wildfire, and had some amazing steaks and martinis! YUM!

Dec readingblogging

dec misc

  • I filled y’all in last month on the start of My 13 Beverages of Christmas Challenge. Well…I knew I could nail that one, and nail it I did. I earned two shirts by Christmas Eve. Thanks Tuscan Market for the good times! #goalsĀ 13 beverages of xmas
  • I help facilitate the 4th and 5th grade book club at school, and the last several weeks we read Dash by Kirby Larson, which focuses on the Japanese internment here in American during World War II. The kids loved the book, and as a wrap-up, my friend Sharon came to talk about her parents’ experiences at an internment camp. I’ve heard her presentation before, and it is always fascinating and a great learning experience for me. The kids also learned so much by speakibaby lit booksng with her!
  • I love to gift books to all the little favorites in my life. This year I came across BabyLit books for babies/toddlers that feature learning concepts (ex: counting, shapes, Spanish, etc.) in the context of classic books that we all know and love. There are soooooo many options, and they were very well received as gifts. I thought they were pretty cute!
  • One of the gifts I was most hoping to get this year was the Qardio scale. It is a smart scale that tracks so much more than weight, and it automatically connects to the app on your phone. I have already set it up and I’m totally in love (other than the numbers it is showing). I’ll have to let you know what I think a few weeks from now.

What were some of the exciting things that happened to you this month?

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